Waiting for Godot

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Tight Fit Theatre
Thu 11 - Sat 13 March 2004
Schools matinee Thu at 2pm

+ The Wycombe Swan Town Hall

Waiting for Godotby Samuel Beckett

Godot is coming.

Vladimir and Estragon are waiting. They talk, play games, argue. A stranger enters, Pozzo, leading Lucky on a rope. They talk. Nothing appears to happen, nothing appears to change. But in these moments the world moves on. We either move with it, or sit on a lonely country road and wait.

Godot is coming.

"Beckett creates an amazing blend of comedy, high wit and an almost unbearable poignancy in a funny yet heartbreaking image of man's fate." - Michael Lindsay-Hogg

March 11th, 12th + 13th at 7.30pm

(Schools matinee on the 11th at 2pm)

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+ Press Release 23.2.04


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