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"hilarious, disturbing and moving"
-- Helen Backway, News Shopper
"It would be invidious to single any one of this excellent and cohesive team of actors . .
. . this is one of the best examples of ensemble playing that I have seen . .
. . this production will stick in the mind for a long time."
-- Helen Sharman, GODA (full text of review)


Blue Remembered Hills February, 2007

It is the Summer of 1943 and the adult world is a mystery to the children of the West Country. The end of the war is two years off but for these seven-year-olds it may as well be a lifetime away. Blue Remembered Hills is Dennis Potter’s acclaimed story of lost innocence. The hills and woodland of rural England are the children’s playground. Childhood loyalty and friendship are explored with all the laughter and cruelty capable of children until a single tragic event brings their idyll crashing to the earth. From that moment everything changes . . . forever . . .

The Wycombe Swan's resident theatre company presents Dennis Potter's extraordinarily moving play at the Wycombe Swan Town Hall Studio prior to a London run. Seven children are played by seven adult—as specified by the author—in an evening which will re-awaken the child in each of us.

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Wycombe Swan Town Hall Studio 1 - 3 February BOOK NOW or call 01494 512000
The Broadway Studio Theatre, Catford Feb 6 - 3 March BOOK NOW or call 020 8690 0002

1st - 3rd
Thu-Sat 8pm
Thur 2 pm
Blue Remembered Hills Dennis Potter

Wycombe Swan
Wycombe Swan
Town Hall
BOOK NOW or call 01494 512000 Tight Fit Theatre
6th - March
Tue-Sat 8pm
Wednesdays 2 pm.
Broadway Studio Theatre BOOK NOW or call 020 8690 0002
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